Perpetuating Evil: Weaponized Speech and Censorship

December 21, 2020 – Patriot Girl

I recently heard a new phrase being wielded by the elite that alarmed me. Ever heard the phrase: “weaponized speech.” It slipped from the lips of a mid-wit on the news and predictably no one blinked, let alone challenged them. While this didn’t surprise me – just look at the blind eye they’ve turned toward election fraud – I realized someone needs to denounce this despicable phrase. In fact, each of us must face down whatever battles we encounter in our daily lives, and speak the truth. In doing so, we actively combat what can only be described as a communist attempt to take over our country.

For those who may not know, speech cannot be weaponized, as it is, of this writing, still free. This phrase is the latest attempt to police thought and censor speech. People using this phrase are likely ignorant of this fact or are themselves trying to subvert or censor free speech. Either way, such an assertion must be challenged and disputed, as it strikes at the core of our freedom.

Imagine someone’s position being so weak as to necessitate censoring their would-be opponent. The idea is grotesque on its face. They afford themselves the privilege of saying whatever they like, while forcefully taking away your right to do the same. Yet increasingly, this is the tactic deployed by today’s Left – that, and using viscous, ad hominem attacks. And to call them “Left” is itself an obfuscation – a phrase devised as a politic nicety for those not wishing to slur anyone with the moniker of “communist” – however well-deserved.

Indeed, in my cynical imaginings, I liken people, who support political parties that espouse communist ideals, to zombies. That is, I imagine them in some mindless state of exhaustion or distraction, such that they’re unconscious of any reality outside of the occasional 30-second sound bites their malaise affords. Fatigued to the point of the walking dead, they plod along unaware that the political body, to which they’ve pledged allegiance, gave up the ghost in ancient yesteryears. Call it hope, but I refuse to believe that the values of people I know are so diametrically opposed to my own. Better to believe they’re in a state of self-induced stupor, than to think they’re consciously choosing the evils of communism.

At any rate, we see this evil administered daily by our social media overlords. Fascists in foreign countries, reviewing “flagged” words and thoughts deemed impermissible – snatching away an American freedom, they themselves have never had. And, as if by sheer repetition – as though we were monkeys being repeatedly shocked – we have subjugated our individual liberty to comply with politically correct behavior. We’ve ceded our reason to communist elites bent on our own destruction. In fact, we’ve become agents of the self-same abuse we suffer. We dutifully call attention to a Leftist “breaking the rules” – having been conditioned to exert our “right” to demand fair and equal censorship. Liberty always dilutes to pure enslavement.

We must reclaim our faculties of free speech and demand that social media oligarchs get out of the business of censorship altogether. These platforms do not have the authority, by any natural, moral or statutory law, to take away our Constitutional rights – unless they are, indeed publishers. Little does it matter that their fact checker’s have no expertise or knowledge in any subject matter they purport to check – that’s not a reasonable argument to pursue. It’s all an elaborate pretense to achieve censorship. Period.

One needn’t be a student of history to understand that silence in front of a moral wrong is acquiescence and commission in the wrong itself. This is how evil is perpetuated. This is why your silence is necessary. This is the reason for censorship – to silence you, thereby making you the vehicle that perpetuates evil. Their goal is to compromise you in every way – including your moral culpability.

We must find our courage in order to protect our freedoms. Our freedoms are one generation – one election away from being forcefully obliterated. The Left is already openly compiling lists of people (subversives like me) who need to be publicly condemned and summarily punished. Socialism is not a democrat process – it’s never “voted for” at the ballot box, it is always taken by force – the attempt at which we’re witnessing now. And were this not the case, if a people were foolish enough to vote for socialism, it cannot be voted out. A ballot can get you under the boot of dictators, but only blood can free you.

Marx tried to organize a political party that would accomplish the transition from capitalism to socialism, through revolution and civil war. This is the precipice we’re currently teetering on today – which has been forced upon us by domestic and foreign enemies. We have utter force on one side, and law abiding citizens on the other. The two are wholly incompatible. We must come together as a nation and demand that the law be upheld and applied equally. We must demand this now of our elected officials – every day, persistently until 1/20/21. This is not someone else’s battle. Every person, each as they’re able, must fight – one truth at a time – in order to defend our freedoms or we risk losing them forever. Starting now, every person must find their voice and demand that it be heard.


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