Where Was Nancy? Get Rid of Her for Good!

January 14, 2021 – Julie Formby with Guest Bloggers Jack & Margy Flynn.

A lot has happened here in America in only one week’s time! Last Wednesday, Patriots, Antifa, ex-military and who knows who else “stormed the Capitol” in Washington, D.C. People died. Laptops were seized. On January 11, 2021, Nancy Pelosi mysteriously appointed Representative Debbie Dingell as Speaker Pro Temporae in her place for a day or two, then Nancy was back yesterday urging impeachment of Trump. Where was Nancy?

Theories are swirling around regarding what really happened when Congress was interrupted during their deliberations on the certification of the 2020 electoral votes. I’m not going to get into all of the theories because we know for a fact that the election itself was fraudulent, and HERE IS THE EVIDENCE. What an incredible site! And yet in spite of all of this evidence, only 147 out of 530 Congresspeople objected to the certification of the electoral votes!

We could talk about this issue for hours, but let’s spend our time in more productive ways. Let’s write affidavits against our officials who went ahead and cowardly certified the electoral votes without ensuring We The People due process of law! Let’s notify these traitors that “pursuant to the self-executing Sections 3 & 4 of the 14th Amendment, those members of Congress who voted in favor or and/or supported the suspect Biden electors, have vacated their offices and forfeited any benefits thereof, including salaries and pensions. None of these traitors can hold public office nor continue to receive public funds. It is really this very basically simple.

Continuing on, Jack & Margy Flynn state, “Still further, since Congress, pursuant to oaths taken, is required to support and defend the Constitutions, national and state, and uphold rights and due process guaranteed therein, which Congress has flagrantly failed to do, then, Congress has perpetrated egregious fraud upon the American people by pretending to be a lawful body, when, in fact, by its own insidious, malevolent actions, Congress has clearly proven that it is a treasonous body actively engaged in open rebellion, wars against the Constitution, and is a major threat to the American people and their Constitutional Republic. Fraud vitiates everything, as clearly held in U.S. v. Throckmorton. Lawfully, this election is vacated, and the actions of Congress, committed in fraud, egregious violations of due process of law and blatant defiance of the will of the majority of the American people, are a nullity. A treasonous Congress has zero authority to certify any election and make any law, rule or regulation binding upon the people and the workings of government.

“Various evidence of election fraud has been presented to Congress, yet Congress has not duly evaluated the merits of those presentations and took no action, whatsoever, on what was presented to them. Instead, Congress scoffed at the evidence and evaded its responsibilities, which, at minimum, is dereliction of duty, malfeasance in office and perjury of oath. When Congress evacuated the building, as stated above, the ability to present evidence of the fraud was obviously thwarted, by design.

“When Congress reconvened for the vote, there was no evidence regarding election fraud presented to Congress and debated, yet Congress, being aware that there was copious evidence which they were constitutionally duty bound to investigate, voted to certify the suspect Biden electors. These actions are egregious violations of due process of law by a Congress that is constitutionally mandated to uphold all aspects of due process of law, our Constitution, and our inherent, unalienable rights guaranteed therein. As we [Jack & Margy Flynn] have said many times, and as we say below, any public body, including, but not limited to, Congress, that denies, violates or opposes, in any manner, due process of law forfeits any perceived and presumed jurisdiction, because that body is constitutionally defective, constitutionally incompetent, and has no constitutional authority to hear or adjudicate any matter. Any decisions that result from actions conducted absent due process of law are lawfully null and void, without lawful force and effect, whatsoever.

“Whenever constitutional violations are committed, there are always constitutional remedies, as set forth in the referenced Sections 3 & 4 of the 14th Amendment. Another of those remedies is the Affidavit Process… If the American people who supported President Trump really want to take lawful actions against the domestic-enemy-communist rulers of America, then, tens of millions, or more, law-abiding Americans would engage in this simple, but powerful, Affidavit Process.

“When we write Affidavits, we base our charges in truth, fact, valid law and evidence and provide notification to our opponents that they must rebut, in kind, our charges and claims, if they disagree with them, by means of their own sworn, notarized Affidavits, and support their rebuttals in truth, fact, valid law and evidence. Since our charges and claims are based in truth, fact, valid law and evidence, it is lawfully impossible for the domestic enemies to rebut our charges, in kind, by means of their own sworn, notarized Affidavits, and support their rebuttals in truth, fact, valid law and evidence. In 65 years, plus, no public officer anywhere in this country has rebutted any Affidavit we have written, because they cannot do so without committing perjury, and over that time span, hundreds of thousands have been written by us and our students.” Watch this video interview with Jack & Margy Flynn to hear about several of the 48+ officials they removed from office in New Mexico during their time living there. Start at 40:00:00.

Take it from Jack & Margy: Get going, Patriot! Stop wringing your hands, and spread the word about this powerful process to get rid of these traitors! Utilize the facts, statements and sources listed above to write affidavits against your errant Congresspeople who bowed the knee to enemies of our Republic. Write one against Nancy Pelosi while you’re at it! Copy and paste the statements above that resonate most with you into our Affidavit Template, then send them REGISTERED MAIL THIS WEEK!




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