Hydroxychloroquine has been and approved drug by the FDA for over 65 years
It is standard practice for doctors to use prescription medications in both “on-label” and “off-label” applications. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is no exception and has been used by doctors by doctors to effectively treat malaria, lupus and other autoimmune diseases. HCQ is abundantly available in other countries outside of the United States, and the data is clear that the incidence of COVID-19 and COVID-related deaths are much lower in countries where HCQ is safely used prophylactically and retroactively for malaria, even during pregnancy.

Amazingly, for the first time in the history of HCQ, state Pharmacy Boards & Governors have restricted its use for COVID patients! This is nothing short of criminal and corrupt policy because hundreds of frontline doctors across the U.S. have treated and restored COVID patients to full health using hydroxychloroquine!

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Why HCQ is the Right Treatment for Covid

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